• Scene Two Six 


    Students write a skit for the Founders’ Day talent show in Riverside, a town celebrating its one hundred and ninety-fourth anniversary. Unfortunately, the imagination of one student makes cooperation difficult at times. The students work together to decide how to put on a good show without making a mess of history. 


    Comprehension Skill  - Draw Conclusions 



    advice: suggestion or recommendation about an action or decision 

    argument: a debate or verbal disagreement 

    arrangements: plans 

    descendants: people descended from ancestors 

    dishonest: not truthful 

    script: the written text of a play 

    snag: a hurdle or problem 



    Irregular Plural Nouns 

    Most nouns are changed from their singular forms to their plural forms by adding an -s or an -es. For example: bird/birds, beach/beaches. 

    Some nouns, however, are made plural in other ways, such as by changing their spelling. For example: tooth/teeth. Some nouns have the same singular and plural forms. For example: sheep/ sheep, fish/fish. 

    Plural forms that are made by one of these other methods are called irregular plural nouns.