•                Weekly Topics ELA

    Story of the week: "WINN DIXIE"

    Summary / Comprehension Skill 

    Moving to a new town can be hard, and making new friends can be even harder. With the help of her dog, Winn-Dixie, Opal is able to get to know Miss Franny Block, the local librarian. Miss Block tells Opal an exciting tale about a bear that once wandered into the library. 


    Sequence is the order in which things happen in a story. When you read, think about what comes first, next, and last. Several events can occur at the same time. Words such as meanwhile and during give clues that two events are happening at the same time. 

    Words to Know: Knowing the meanings of these words is important to reading Because of Winn-Dixie. Practice using these words. 

    Vocabulary Words: 

    grand: excellent; wonderful 

    memorial: helping people to remember a person, thing, or event

    peculiar: strange; unusual 

    positive: without doubt; sure 

    prideful: overly proud of oneself 

    recalls: remembers selecting picking out; choosing 



    Declarative and Interrogative Sentences:

    Declarative sentences make statements. 

    They end with periods. For example: I like to go to the library. 

    Interrogative sentences ask questions. They end with question marks. For example: What time does the library open?