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    Grade 4


    Students in grade 4 attend computer class for 41 minutes.

    Fourth-grade students continue to use a unique username and password.  Students begin to be more independent in their work. They use the file management techniques that they have learned in the previous years.
    Student's keyboarding skills continue to build as they start to work on increasing their keyboarding speed.
    Students learn to make spreadsheets this year as the graphs they make in math class are compared to the graphs made by the computer.
    Students continue to learn how to research using the internet.  Internet safety concepts are also taught. 
    Each year students build upon their computational thinking skills as they participate in the hour of code during the month of December.
    Skill Learned
    Software Used
    Microsoft Word
    Spreadsheets Microsoft Excel
    Computational Thinking Hour of Code Websites
    Research Internet Explorer and Google Chrome
Last Modified on September 9, 2018