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    Grade 8


    Students in grade 8 attend computer class for 41 minutes twice per week. An additional STEAM class provides students the opportunity to combine their knowledge of coding and the engineering design process to create and program a robot using the C++ programing language. STEM careers will be explored this year. STEAM lessons using our new 3-D printers will also take place this year.

    Improving keyboarding speed without sacrificing accuracy is the focus of our keyboarding practice sessions. The first part of each class is dedicated to improving the student's keyboarding skills.
    Word-processing skills are used throughout the year as students complete assignments in computer class for their subject area teachers. Projects throughout the year include a review of spreadsheet and desktop publishing skills that were learned in previous years. 
    Students continue to refine Internet search techniques as they conduct research using the Internet. Students use the Internet in computer class to find credible sources for research topics for their subject area classes.  
    Internet safety, cyberbullying, and Acceptable Use of Network resources are also reviewed.
    Skill Learned
    Software Used
    Microsoft Word and Google Chrome
    Presentation Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides
    Spreadsheets Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
    Desktop Publishing Microsoft Publisher
    Computational Thinking Kahn Academy - Into Java Script
    Research Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and EBSCO


Last Modified on September 9, 2019