•  DefinePE

     The Mission of Netcong Elementary School Physical and Health Education:
    To engage all students in sequential and challenging Physical and Health Education by providing them with detailed instruction and reliable assessment. It is our aim to create sufficient practice opportunities for all skills and activities as well as strengthen student understanding in all content areas, allowing our students to acquire the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions that will enable a lifetime of healthy living. 
    Our Philosophy

    Through the application of the Netcong Elementary School Physical and Health Education program…  

    1. The students will be provided with opportunities and resources that are required to help physically develop skills and concepts needed to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.  

    2. The students will be provided with the knowledge to understand the concepts related to physical and health education as a basis for a healthy life.  

    3. The students will be subject to proper and detailed assessments that provide feedback to help improve skills, abilities and content understanding. 

    4. The students will take place in a program that incorporates the development of physical, cognitive and social skills. Opportunities will be provided to allow for students to  achieve the knowledge, skills and values to enhance their overall well-being. 

    5. The students will be provided with a diverse curriculum that allows for participation of all students as well as activities that allow for success and enjoyment. This curriculum will provide detailed instruction and offer many accessible resources for students.  

    6. The students will be given clear expectations and held to high standards in accordance with the NASPE and NJ structure.