• Physical Education: K4-2nd Grade
    Level 1: Building a Foundation 
    During this stage of our Physical Education structure, students will be exposed to the simplest form of movement patterns, concepts and skills. Students will be introduced to the concepts of spacial awareness, effort and relationships. They will demonstrate their understanding of these through certain movements, activities and games. At this level, students are beginning to develop a foundation of movement and skills that they will continuously build upon as they progress through the curriculum. 
    Here are some examples of what to expect for your child at this level!
    Skills/Activity Examples
    - Locomotor Movements (Jumping, Skipping, etc.)
    - Non-locomotor Movements (Bending, Twisting)
    - Spatial/Body Awareness
    - Throwing, Catching, Tossing
    - Field Day Activities
    - Jumping and Landing 
    - Rhythm and Dance
    - Fitness Games and Activities
    - Striking with feet, implements, and hands.
    - Recreational and Cooperative Games