Physical Education: 6th-8th Grade
    Level 3: Exploration 
    At this final stage of our Physical Education program, students will utilize the foundation they have built in grades K-5 to explore a wide variety of possibilities. They will take the basic skills and movements and apply them in a plethora of ways in a diverse number of sports and activities. This exposure to variety is an attempt to help students decide where their interest lies. Exposure to team sports, individual sports, and personal/group fitness is the main goal at this stage. 
    Here are some example of the sports/activities/games your child may be exposed to at this level!


     Team Games/Activities  Individual/Group Activities
    - Basketball
    - Baseball/Softball
    - Field Hockey
    - Soccer
    - Flag Football
    - Floor Hockey
    - Team Handball
    - Ultimate Frisbee
    - Volleyball
    - Lacrosse 
    - Aerobics
    - Yoga
    - Multicultural Dance
    - Badminton
    - Tennis
    - Personal Fitness
    - Track and Field
    - Bowling
    - Cross Country
    - Pickle-Ball