• FUN iPad Apps
    The IPAD
    Educational Apps
    Spelling City- Use login from school to play games to practice spelling words
    Letter School - game to practice handwriting and more
    Dragon Dictation – an easy to use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages. This is a great app for kids who have a difficult time putting their thoughts down on paper.  Speak the story into the IPAD and it will write it out for you.  
    Kids Reading Comprehension Levels 1 and 2 – An interactive and educational app, developed to assist in teaching children to learn the essential skills of reading comprehension.
    Free Fall Money – a fun educational app for kids to learn how to count money.
    Math Fact Master – Allows children to practice specific number sets and operations in two different styles; flashcards and a challenge mode.
    Math Dictionary for Kids – an interactive app that allows users to search for terms, mark favorites, take notes on definitions, - a great homework helper for kids!
    Helpful Home Apps 
    First Then Visual Scheduler – Designed to provide positive behavioral support and increase independence among children.
    Chore Pad – a fun tool for motivating kids to complete their assigned chores.