Tic Tac Toe Spelling: Choose three activities and complete them in your spelling journal. 

    Rainbow Words

    Write each word with a crayon. Trace each word with 2 different colors. 

    Silly Sentences

    Write a silly sentence using each spelling word. Underline the spelling word. 

    ABC Order

    Write your words in ABC order fowards and backwards.

    Green Vowels 

    Write each word in crayon. Use only green for every vowel.

    Fancy Words

    Write your words using fancy words. 

    Cut and Paste

    Cut letters from magazines and glue them on paper to create your spelling words. 

    Story Time

    Write a story using all of your spelling words. Underline each word.

    Vowel Highlight

    Write each word with a pencil. Highlight each vowel.

    Shape Words

    Write each word in the shape of a square, triangle, or circle. 



    Story of the week: 


    Spelling words: 

    Words to know: