• Mr. Sandrue

    Language Arts

    September 3, 2019


    Welcome back! 


    The purpose of this letter is to welcome new and returning students to my English Language Arts class. Below is a description of the class’s grading and procedures. At the end of this letter, the signature of both the student and parent is required to show everybody has an understanding of the class’s expectations.




    Class Participation (10%)

    A class participation grade is assessed weekly. Students start the week with a hundred and lose points if necessary.


    Students are required to come to class prepared, which includes notebook, pen, pencil for workbook only,  and all necessary reading materials (workbook, class reading material…).  Students may not be permitted to go to their lockers for materials. A deduction in the class participation grade will be given if students need to “borrow” materials.


    Students are expected to participate. Lack of pairs/small group/class participation can lower the class participation grade. Inappropriate participation/distraction can also lower a student’s participation grade.


    Homework (20%)

    Homework is any non-graded assignment. Homework assignments will earn credit for completion on their due dates. Half credit will be given if the work is completed a day late. Homework will receive no credit if more than one day late. After two days late, homework assignments will keep a grade of zero for the incomplete assignment. 


    Homework will be posted in both Genesis and Google Classroom/Google Calendar  on a daily basis. Students are encouraged to write the assignment down in their agenda/planner, but it is the responsibility of the student to do so. 


    Quizzes (30%)

    Grades for this category will be generated from mid-unit assessments, which include vocabulary assessments, along with ongoing weekly workbook reading assessments.


    Writing/Tests (40%)

    Grades for tests will come from Literature assessments, writing assessments, and Enrichment unit assessments. 


    All assignments given in my class are listed in your child’s Google Classroom ELA page. 

    All graded writing assignments will be turned in through Google Classroom, unless noted in a Google Classroom Assignment post.

    Missing/Late Assignments

    All work not handed in on its due date will be marked as “M” in Genesis, and will have the grade of a zero until it is handed in. It will also lose points depending on how late the assignment is upon completion. 


    If your child has a blank grade in Genesis, it means the assignment was handed in on time but hasn’t been graded yet.


    Quiz and test graded work not completed within a reasonable amount of time will be completed after school in Homework Assistance. 

    Classroom Management


    Your child has received a copy of the classroom rules that are also posted in my classroom, labeled “HOW WE ACT.” The purpose and enforcement of these rules is to ensure each student a positive learning environment. 


    Students receive positive consequences for appropriate behavior and negative consequences for negative behavior. In either case, recognition of how the student behaves in class is recorded on a weekly basis as their Class Participation grade. 




    Come to class prepared!!!!!


    Be to class on time


     Gum, candy, or “toys” are not allowed


    One person speaks at a time


    Inappropriate language or actions are not tolerated


    Show respect to your belongings, classmates, teacher, and yourself


    Responsibly use technology as instructed 



    Students can receive one warning per day without consequence.


    Two warnings in one period will result in a deduction in the weekly class participation grade.


    Three warnings in one period will result in an additional deduction in the class participation grade and detention. 



    I _____________________________have read and understand the expectations of

              (please print name)

     my Language Arts class.                                                                                        





    I ____________________________have read and understand my child’s expectations

              (please print name)

     of his/her Language Arts class.