Ugg, Lugg and Uggette's Guide to 

    Ser & Estar        
    These friendly cave people, Ugg, his brother, Lugg, and his wife, Uggette, are going to take you back to when the Spanish language began and teach you the differences between SER and ESTAR, and how to use them. 
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                                      Ugg                    Lugg                     Uggette
    Ser & Estar both mean “To be”.

    In English there is only on version of "to be" which covers everything, but Spanish has one version for things that are permanent and another version for things that are temporary.
    Ser is the permanent version.


    Estar is the temporary version.


    Below are the conjugations of Ser & Estar, along with what they mean in English. A conjugation is simply a change in the verb depending on who is initiating the action.





    Yo soy

    I am

    Yo estoy

    Tú eres

    You are

    Tú estás

    Él es

    He is

    Él está

    Ella es

    She is

    Ella está

    Usted es

    You ( formal ) are

    Usted está

    Nosotros somos

    We ( masc ) are

    Nosotros estamos

    Nosotras somos

    We ( fem ) are

    Nosotras estamos

    Ellos son

    They ( masc ) are

    Ellos están

    Ellas son

    They ( fem ) are

    Ellas están

    Ustedes son

    You ( plural ) are

    Ustedes están


    There is a very simple trick to use when deciding if you need to use Ser or Estar.


    Language was created a very long time ago when many of the things that we can do today were not possible.


    So simply think of a caveman, like Ugg, when you are trying to decide which version to use. If something was true for a caveman, it would be true about Ser & Estar.


    Below is a list of things you would use Ser for:


    The type of person you are – People’s character doesn’t change

    Your height – You can’t be sure you will get any taller or shorter

    Your job – Cavemen couldn't change their jobs

    Your eye color – Cavemen didn’t have colored contact lenses

    Your hair color – Caveman didn’t have hair dye

    Where you are from/nationality – There were no countries during the time of the cavemen
    Here are some examples in action:
     1    tt    dfs
            Lugg is sensitive.                                                        Ugg is aggressive.
            Lugg es sensible.                                                        Ugg es agresivo.
        ll                                       oo
            Ugg is a good dancer.                                                 Lugg is tall and ferocious.               
            Ugg es un buen bailarín.                                              Lugg es alto y feroz.                         
    nnn    zxc                                    bnm
            Lugg and Uggette are hard working.                           Ugg is a good musician.
            Lugg y Uggette son trabajadores.                                Ugg es buen músico.
                  bvrb                           fev
             Ugg is intelligent.                                           Lugg is athletic.
             Ugg es inteligente.                                                      Lugg es atlético.
            qsc                                                           myt
            Ugg is a great athlete.                                                  Ugg is a curious person.
            Ugg es un gran deportista.                                         Ugg es una persona curiosa.

    Below is a list of things you would use Estar for:


    How you feel – Mood changes

    Where you are – You will never stay in the same place ( location is always, always, always temporary )
    What you are doing - Actions
    Here are some examples in action:
    4     ijh uu    fgj
            Ugg and Uggette are in the car.                                     Ugg and Uggette are hunting.
            Ugg y Uggette están en el carro.                                         Ugg y Uggette están cazando.
      2  gfbjk brbr
              Lugg is riding a dinosaur.                        Ugg and his friend are excercising.  
            Lugg está montando en dinosaurio.          Ugg y su amigo están haciendo ejercicio. 
       xc                                  hh
            Uggette is writing on the computer.                                Ugg is eating.
            Uggette está escribiendo en la computadora.                  Ugg está comiendo.
          tyg                                           cvd     
            Ugg is driving.                                                             Ugg is tired and sad.
            Ugg está manejando.                                                          Ugg está cansado y triste.
        rhr                                       nrn
            Ugg is hidden in a giant nest.                                       Ugg is confused.
            Ugg está escondido en un nido gigante.                         Ugg está confundido. 
         4rg4                                     b3b
           Ugg is watching television.                                           Lugg is scared.   
           Ugg está mirando la televisión.                                  Lugg está asustado.
     b5bt                          bwev
            Ugg and his friend are flying.                         Ugg and Uggette are in love.                    
            Ugg y su amiga están volando.                         Ugg y Uggete están enamorados.
            brbrbr       frbnr
            Lugg is frozen in ice.                   The archeologist is helping Lugg.
            Lugg está congelado en el hielo. El arqueólogo está ayudando a Lugg.                                   
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